The Energy Efficiency Expert CV framework.

How the EEE CV framework is structured and how to navigate it on this webapp.

EEE CV framework structure:

The 1st output of the Energy Efficiency Expert project consisted of a comprehensive document outlining the competences needed for an energy efficiency expert among the technical, digital, entrepreneurial, and financial skills selected by the partnership. Moreover, the partnership had to discuss the possibility of defining sub-profiles in consideration of national or other peculiarities of their target groups.

This ultimately led to:

The 2nd output of the project was to produce the training material necessary to acquire the Knowledge, Skills and Competence identified in the first Intellectual Output. For this reason, for almost all of each K, S and C identified, the partnership has created the Learning Modules (LMs) that allow acquiring this Competence according to the highest Proficiency Level present.

How you can use this webapp:

In the EEE PROFILES area, you will be able to discover wich are the 10 EEE Profiles defined by the partnership and see and/or download the entire CV containing the Profile Features, their Activities and all the related Knowledge, Skills and Competence.

In the SEARCH area you can filter all the 10 EEE Profiles, the 22 Macro Activities and the 131 KSC by their specific Tags.

If you click on LEARNING MODULES button, you will be directed to the Open Educational Resources (OER) platform of the EEE project and you will be able to view all the training material that the consortium of this project has realized so far.

It is also possible to access the training platform by clicking on the "Learning Module" botton related to a specific Knowledge, Hard Skill, Soft Skill and Competence present in both the "EEE Profile View" pages and "Macro Activities" pages.